Monday, February 1, 2010

no inspiration

so ive really been wanting to post something but i just havent had any inspiration to write about.
okai... maybe i have i just have been too lazy to type it all out.
i sit on the computer almost daily on facebook and cant manage to post something simple on my blog.
man im patheric!

anyways. this last week my dad came into my class as my guest speaker for class.
now... my dad has always been an inspiration to me and someone i can look up to.
but sometimes i need a good reminder!
he came in and gave a little inspiration to the kids in the class.
my dads story is quite inspiring if i do so myself. one thing that i truly admire about him is that he wont take no for an answer! and that should be everyone philosophy. if you have a dream go after it. dont let anyone tell you that you cant have what you want, because you CAN! theres nothing out there that is too hard to reach for.

"reach for the stars so if you fall you land on the clouds"
sometimes i wish i was more like him or even my sister chyenne who are SO determined to do what they want. they set their mind on something and thats all they are focus on and go after it!

altho i do remember the one time someone had inferred that i couldnt make it into byu with the grades i had. things like that shouldnt set you off. they should fire you up.
prove them wrong!
dont let somones words determine your life.
its YOURS!

so go out there and live your life!!
do things that people only dream about.
do something crazy
do something worth while.
do anything that you want.

be wrong. be right. be crazy. be spunky. be unique. be yourself. just saying...


  1. just keep sayin it! i love it! except i kept thinking about american idol candidates. you know the ones... the ones that just can't take no for an answer. ; ) So everyone except THOSE people, i say I AGREEE and thanks for the reminder Mariah. I needed that! xoxo

  2. wow mariah :) great words of wisdom! i especially love your last line "be wrong. be right. be crazy. be spunky. be unique. be yourself." another six b's to live by haha :)