Wednesday, December 2, 2009

our time

wow can you say an overwhelming amount of feelings and inspiration in the matter of minutes.

my best friend texted me and all texts that come from her are something like "hey i'm happy to call you my friend" or something rediculously funny like how she tripped over a tree or something. but this text was a little different. i hope she doesn't mind me sharing but i am going to anyway. great friend i am. i know. it read:
"college is gonna be hard! why do we want to go to one?"
she wasn't really acting her normal self. i knew something was up. she seems to be in a rut. and i know i am to when i think a lot. find myself doing that a lot. it was then that it hit me!

were coming to that point in time where things are changing. were coming to the beginning of something amazing. our lives have not even started yet! and its all rather a scary thought. time is flying and as seniors were realizing that this is it. this is what we've been working so hard for and we're just at the beginning. we're ending a year o being dependent on our parents or others. and we're moving on to a time where we are on our own and we depend on no one else but ourselves. but now, it our time!
i know it's gonna be a big change and it's gonna be scary as crap! it's going to take time to adjust but its all going to be okai in the end. everyone goes through it. some fail and some succeed. but i hope that we all strive to be only the best and pull through and stand champions at the end.

she went on telling me that "its not just that. it's once we are on our own. i feel like it will be so hard that ill quit or fail"

see there's something we need to do. we CAN'T fail. and we WON'T fail! it is going to be a transition period full of trying times and maybe finding ourselves. getting used to the ropes. but you have to learn and grow. it's all apart of life. and i'm not saying it's going to be easy because i myself don't know what to expect.

a wise man one said, "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall"
we're gonna run into those times when all we want to do is give up. we've already experienced those moments. but how great is it when you come out in victory. accomplishing what you thought was the impossible. you might have slipped a little. made a wrong turn but if we keep on trying and never give up were gonna cross that finish line with so much happiness.

time. it's gonna take time. to get to graduation day. to adjust to college life. time to learn how to live on our owns and be independent. but times gonna fly by. it already is.
and always remember you have family and friends around you to help you and guide you and give you comfort. and most of all a father in heaven that loves you more than you know. and he will never give you more then you can handle. you are never alone. lean on them and everything will be fine.

so lets make this coming year OUR year. let's go out with a bang. and come into the new year and the new lives ahead of us with an even BIGGER bang. because it only gets better from here. so lets take every lesson and learn from it. every mistake and grow from it. let's make this last year count. lets love a little more. give thanks for where we are now and where were going to go. do everything you need! don't give up. stay strong. and most of all keep the faith!

(class of 2010!! :])

...just saying...

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